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Treatment Approaches

Treating Conditions Common to Dancers Including:

  • Ankle/Foot Disorders: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis/Sever’s, ankle sprains, stress fractures, flexor hallicus longus pathology
  • Back Pain: muscle strain, spondylolisthesis, facet irritation, core weakness/stabilization issues
  • Snapping Hip Syndrome
  • Knee Pain: ligamentous strains, patellofemoral pain syndrome including tracking issues of the patella
  • Orthopedic Surgery: including lateral release for dislocating knee caps, compartment release of the calf muscles, hip labrum repairs, os trigonum removal, retinaculum release at the ankle, and arch reconstruction surgery in non-dancers

Treatment Approaches Include:

  • Soft Tissue, Spinal and Joint Mobilization - Maribeth and Robin are trained in a number of approaches including Maitland, Mulligan, High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust (from an osteopathic base), and myofascial joint mobilization.
  • Integrative Dry Needling (IDN): for details on this treatment modality, please click here.
  • Myofascial Release including instruction in foam roller therapy and the use of various approaches to augment myofascial release sessions
  • Graston Technique® (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization excellent at freeing fascial and scar tissue adhesions)
  • Kinesiology and Athletic Taping
  • Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute (APPI) Matwork levels I and II
  • Quadrastep System® for prescription of semi custom orthotics (as well as advice with off-the-shelf orthotics selection) The Quadrastep System web site
  • Formthotics® heat moldable off-the-shelf orthotics
  • Core strengthening and stability programs
  • Cold Laser (this modality uses highly focused light in a wavelength to promote optimal healing and pain relief to damaged tissue)
  • Game Ready cold compression therapy excellent for controlling post injury or post-surgical edema
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation for Muscle re-education, pain relief, or reduction of swelling, with loaner units available for home use
  • Ultrasound as a preparation for instrument assisted and soft tissue mobilization
  • Iontophoresis, a non-invasive way to introduce anti-inflammatory medications to muscles, tendons and joints
  • Education and Custom Home Exercise Prescription to promote optimal carry over and progression from session to session (supplies are provided or available for purchase to assure immediate ability for follow through)
  • Dance conditioning and Pre-pointe preparation
  • Back stage services available upon request


Specialized Therapy for Dancers & Participants in the Dance of Life

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