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Physical Therapy Specialist for Dancers

Maribeth Crupi is a private practitioner offering individual and highly specialized physical therapy sessions. She has extensive knowledge in the area of dance medicine to promote wellness to dancers, dance educators, and dance students at all levels.

Courtney Lawler, DPT, will be a new addition to the practice in June of 2015 her background as a professional dancer and dance instructor make her a perfect fit for the practice.

  • Rehabilitative Therapy
  • Functional Musculoskelatal Screenings
  • Pre-pointe Assessments
  • Lecture Workshops and Presentations

Treatment for Conditions Not Related to Dance

Services available for runners and other athletes, orthopedic injury and post-operative patients, as well as those with chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Maribeth is joined by Robin Taylor, DPT, who is also an ACE certified personal trainer.

New Office Location:

Presidential Park
314 Main Street, Unit 101
Wilmington, MA 01887- 2747
Phone: 978-447-5793
Fax: 978-447-5795


Specialized Therapy for Dancers & Participants in the Dance of Life

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